19 January 2009

Over-Shadow Chancellor

Ok, I admit it: I've been naive. I genuinely believed that (a) Gordon Brown understood the nature of the financial crisis and (b) the absurd policy of throwing billions of pounds into the black hole of bank debt was just a shoring up measure while something less outrageously unjust - and capable of rebalancing the economy - was stitched up behind the scenes.

I now realise I was completely wrong about this. The grey suits really don't have a better idea than just fiddling on with more of the same in the hope that, somehow, the greedy corporate gamblers who got us into this mess will find some way out. My evidence that this is the case? The re-emergence of Ken Clarke - the chief proponent of smoke and mirrors economics under the discredited Tory regime.

I've noted frequently on this blog the ubiquity of this 'man of the people' who also rubs shoulders with the leading corporate players. In a move whose significance could not be more symbolic he is now being brought in to the job of mirroring Mandelson, while over-shadowing the flimsy toff-wannabe George Osborne. There is no doubting where the real power now lurks in both front bench teams.

The presence of the Big Bilderberger Beasts on both sides of the dispatch box make it clear who is really running the political show. Voting for any of the 'main political parties' can only ever be to encourage them.

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