2 November 2011

Subverting the Agenda

An opportunity has arisen to test the nature of the democracy we live in. The powers that be have magnanimously agreed to allow we mere citizens to set up petitions on the Direct Gov website. It was this process that led to the fiasco of the debate over the European Union. But will the revolting peasants be permitted to enquire into the tax affairs of their betters?

To test what happens when more than 100,000 people sign to require that to happen we need you to sign the that has been launched on that very site. Please sign today and circulate the link far and wide.

1 comment:

  1. Will you also support the revolting peasants when they demand things that are unsavoury, because let's face it the man in the street is a bit of a XXXX(I won't use the word Sid Vicious did).