23 July 2009

Man Armed with Sausage Roll Arrested by Pigs

No, not an indication that her majesty's finest have taken a vegan turn, but rather a sign of the increasingly desperate nature of policing when the political direction of the country is entirely at odds with the well-being of its citizens.

Early evidence that the police are being used to defend the interests of capital (now frequently called 'business') was widespread at the policing of the G20 demonstrations in London in April. Given the shocking amount of public money that had been given to reckless bankers the level of restraint shown by protestors was admirable. The police failed to live up to this standard.

The latest flashpoint in the struggle between the people and the state is on the famously radical Isle of Wight. The Vestas factory near Newport is the country's only producer of wind turbines. Its closure was made public on the same day that the government announced a fivefold increase in the number wind turbines that would be operating in this country. So much for the Green New Deal. Money can be found for the banks but not for manufacturing.

If ever there was an industry that was worth supporting this has to be it. If we have a future at all it clearly belongs to the renewable generators. These are the skills and the products that will be part of our sustainable economy. But yet again hot air has won the day and there is no action to back it up.

The workers have taken affairs into their own hands and reclaimed the factory. They are being supported by protestors who are resupplying them with food, which the police are preventing them from passing on. Hence the sausage roll incident. The Times reports that the arrested man's custody sheet accused him of being 'armed with supplies of food'. Sausage rolls have now been elevated to the status of casus belli. These are the Climate Change Wars and we may have found the 21st century equivalent of the War of Jenkin's Ear.

A full report is available from Indymedia.

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