5 February 2009

Ho ho ho, I love the snow

There is something deeply transformative about snowfall - and therefore compelling for those of us who seek transformation in our own lives and in the world. To wake up and find the world refreshed and made clean and bright is deeply inspiring.

But the most appealing thing about snow - and why we Brits make so much fuss about it even when it is just a few inches of slush - is that it is nature's excuse for anarchy. Snow always ushers in a period of glorious misrule. Children are allowed off school, work stops, and best of all, the number of cars on the roads falls so that you can hear the world. It gives us a chance to reclaim from the work-mongers our own true Celtic spirit of joyful abandon.

The voices of reason and work-domination try to hector us to step back onto the treadmill - the most important reason they have found for keeping the schools open is that parents are otherwise forced to make 'emergency childcare arrangements'. Sane parents spend the day toboganning with their children instead. Who would rather be in a hard-working family than a fast-sledging family?

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