27 August 2010


The bank holiday is coming, the TV is packed with adverts for sofas and electronic gizmos, so it is time for me to engage in a little marketing of my own. First, I am proud to announce that Gaian Economics has been listed at no. 6 in the green blogs this year, one place ahead of George Monbiot. Not that I am competitive, of course, but it can be irritating that he is so endlessly the green talking head.

The Total Politics annual poll of political blogs is a bit of fluff that Ian Dale engages in each year, mainly to draw attention to his own blog, the quaintly named Ian Dale's Diary.

More significantly, at least from my point of view, I would like to draw your attention to my new website: greeneconomist.org. The idea is to draw in people who presently think a green economy just means shareholder-owned factories making wind turbines and set them onto the true path. There are also lots of my presentations that you are welcome to use and other resources for journalists, students and teachers. I hope you find something to enjoy.

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