4 December 2007


I am extremely chuffed to be able to inform loyal readers that Gaian Economics has been chosen as Green Blog of the Year. I started blogging about a week after Jim produced the top 100 green blogs last year so missed out on that. I was a sceptical blogger at first and was persuaded to learn about this new literary genre by my brother-in-law Nick Batt, who grew tired of me moaning that my book was not selling as well as I wished, and that people didn't like reading more than a page at a time.

So, since the purpose of this blog was to draw attention to my book, I'll include a picture of the cover here, with some extracts from reviews at the end of this post. You can order if from a bookshop or from me (molly@gaianeconomics.org)--best to avoid Amazon! You may also be interested in the internet showcase I share with other green economists of like mind: http://gaianeconomics.org/

The blog is a new form of writing, somewhere between a haiku and an essay. I have really enjoyed learning to thrive in this new medium and nothing beats the thrill of finding comments, particularly those from regular readers. Many thanks to you. Another high point of the year was being targeted by Tory bluggers: a hurtful but confirmatory experience.

So, thanks for your votes. Please keep reading and consider giving me that little thrill! We all have a right to comment on the economic issues of the day.

'Just occasionally, you read a book that gives you an Archimedes-in-the-bath moment. Market, Schmarket is one of those.'--Mark Anslow in The Ecologist

'This is an ambitious vision building book which provides analysis, a historical review of other economic structures and directions for solutions all packed into a readable 180 page paperback. Overall, this is an energetic and stimulating addition to any co-operator’s resource box but Cato intends the book not only for reflection but also for action. So perhaps we should say: buy it, read it, get it in your library, form a book group, act on it!'--Mike Aiken in Journal of Co-operative Studies

'Her critique of capitalism extends to its intellectual lap dog neo-classical economics. She describes conventional economic theory as a ‘catechism’ and demolishes its fetishised concepts such as perfect competition and rational economic man. . . this book is a radical green analysis that provides hope and inspiration by linking a critique of capitalism with new analyses and possible alternatives'--Mary Mellor in Capitalism, Nature, Socialism

'Full of practical examples and suggestions, this is a courageous book which draws on history and the many current strands of critical economic thinking, and attempts to weave all into a coherent whole.'--Nadia Johanisova on the FEASTA website

'Cato’s book challenges us to look afresh at our economic system and to recognise that regulation and reform will not solve the problems it presents. Instead, the values upon which economic activity is based require fundamental re-evaluation. She provides abundant thought-provoking historical and contemporary material that demonstrates the principles upon which a post-capitalist society could be founded.'-- Brian Westbrooke in TeAwa, magazine of the New Zealand Green Party


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  2. Thank LBL. Btw, what is your real name???

  3. Congrats. Keep it up. (Fighting the bastards using their own language that is).